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Call Us Call today to speak to one of our knowledgeable, exprienced, and well trained STD testing counselors. They will be able to talk with you regarding your concerns and answer any questions you may have regarding STDs. All information is kept completely confidential and discreet between you and our counselors. Our counselors will recommend the best testing options for you needs.

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Get your results Once your STD testing is complete, your results can be available within 24 hours. You will not have to go back to the STD testing facility to obtain your test results. We offer several confidential and convenient options for you to obtain your test results, which include through a secure email, by calling our Results department, or having us fax it using a confidential pin number.

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Visit a location We have over 3,200 STD testing facilities across the United States, so we always have locations near you to handle all of your STD testing needs. With today's busy lifestyles, sometimes scheduling appointments becomes an issue and can be very time consuming with many delays. We guarantee a doctor within our network is always available to sign off on the requistion form needed at the STD testing facility, so you can go get tested within minutes of calling us.

About Affordable STD Testing

Affordable STD Testing provides convenient and confidential testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases. We have built a nationwide network of local testing centers, so there is always one that is available nearby. We are able to keep the whole testing process fast and accurate with highly trained staff to help you before and after your test. Our staff is here to help you decide whether you should be tested, make a recommendation of what you should be tested for, and help you understand your test results. We even offer post-test counseling and, if needed, our doctors will provide you with the appropriate treatment.

We are a strongly developed organization who believes that STD testing should be affordable, quick and easy, painless, and worry free. We strive to ensure that each patient will receive excellent satisfaction with the entire STD testing process so that their health and wellness is of its highest entity. We provide a stress free environment for counseling with our experienced staff so that your questions and concerns about your health can be answered with confidence and reassurance to ensure your overall health. We want your experience with us to be of your satisfaction giving you the answers you need for your wellness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote health and wellness by providing appropriate care to individuals to improve the health of people and communities in which we serve.

STD Testing Centers

We have over 3,200 STD testing centers located throughout the United States. All of our STD testing centers offer services for Chlaymdia testing, Gonorrhea testing, Hepatitis testing, HIV testing, Herpes testing, Syphilis testing, and Trichomoniasis testing, as well as other specialized types of STD tests. STD testing is one of the most effective ways to decrease the spreading of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Click on one of the city links below to find a STD testing center nearest you. If your city is not listed, visit our STD testing locations page to pull up a STD testing center by your zip code. Get tested today!

Per the Annotated Code of Maryland, Health-General Article, 17-215, processing lab orders within the state of Maryland is strictly prohibited. **Please be advised that all patient requests for our services and testing will be submitted for review and approval by the physician in the state your specimen is collected in accordance to all State Laws and Statutes**